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Tales of The Mighty Cornelius : A Grave Affair - Game reveal

During our Fall 2021 semester, we had a team project that consisted of creating a level with the same gameplay mechanics as Crash Bandicoot with the addition of a chase like the one in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost Ark. During the project, I was tasked to create most of the assets for the environment and for the props according to the concept art done by Florence Proulx-Dubois, who also did all the textures for the props, and Audrey Tremblay.

Our team was constituted of 12 talented students.
-Audrey Tremblay:
-Florence Proulx-Dubois:
-Émilie Galipeau:
-Andrée-Anne Omoruyi:
-Rosie Lavoie:

-Hugo Dansereau
-Edgard McDuff
-William Garneau
-Gabriel Saad
-Gabriel Lévesque-Lemoyne

Fictive trailer for the game (music by Wilhelm Paquette-Horrell; video edit by Hugo Dansereau)

Full playthrough of the game (music by Wilhelm Paquette-Horrell; sound design by Jean-Philippe Gauthier; video edit and playthrough by Florence Proulx-Dubois)